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GL Antifreeze Coolant

1.Rust-proof ,anti-proof,anti-corrosion,anti foaming.
2.The fluorescent color display is strong,can rapidly detect water leakage rupture phenomenon of the water tank and overall cooling system.
3.Good low temperature fluidity and strong resistance to high temperature,assuring the safety of driving in low and high temperature, wet and cold weather.

  • G1043

  • GL

20ft container:
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Coolant Advanced formula, selected high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials

Helps prevent the engine from overheating, and has the functions of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-foam, etc. It has a protective effect on cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, solder and rubber parts. Compatible with any antifreeze and cooling water. Take care of the water tank and all cooling system components throughout the year.



1. Water tank treasure (also known as long-term water tank coolant) can protect the engine cooling system from rust and corrosion, can effectively inhibit the formation of scale, prevent the water tank from overheating, reduce the evaporation of the coolant, and provide lubrication for the water pump thermostat and other components .

2. The water tank has a low freezing point and a high boiling point, which can provide long-term comprehensive protection for the water tank. It can be mixed with various high-quality coolants and antifreezes that meet the standards, and can avoid damage to the cooling system due to the use of inferior coolants.

3. Its excellent performance can be widely used in cooling systems of various automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engine units, etc.



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