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  • [Our products] How about GL brake fluid (brake oil)?

    How about GL brake fluid (brake fluid)Main features:Excellent lubricity and corrosion and wear resistance, extending system life and reducing maintenance.Special high temperature protection formula is adopted to provide additional high temperature protection, with excellent high temperature stabilit Read More

  • [Our products] How often should you change the brake fluid?

    Brake fluid, also known as brake fluid, generally has a maintenance cycle of about two years.Why should brake fluid be changed regularly?Because after the brake fluid is used for a long time, the leather cup and piston in the brake pump will wear to varying degrees, which will cause the brake fluid Read More

  • [Our products] Can water replace antifreeze coolant?

    Car antifreeze, also known as "antifreeze", the full name should be called car antifreeze coolant.It is a liquid composed of antifreeze additives and additives to prevent metal corrosion and water. It needs to have anti-freeze, anti-corrosion, thermal conductivity and non-deteriorating properties. N Read More

  • [Our products] Thoroughly clean the carburetor with GL carburetor cleaner

    Thoroughly clean the carburetor with GL carburetor - The carburetor is one of the familiar parts in the automotive world. The carburetor is an important component in a vehicle that mixes air and fuel for combustion.But talking about components, especially in carburetor systems, cert Read More

  • [Our products] Detailed introduction of car care products

    Car maintenance products, very simple, can be understood literally, it is a product for car maintenance and care. Car maintenance products are to cars, just like daily necessities are to people; people have needs for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and cars also have their own maintenan Read More

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