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GL Engine Additives-Car Depth Conservation Series

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GL Engine Additives-Car Depth Conservation Series


With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the engine design is getting smaller and smaller, the assembly is precise, and the performance is excellent. However, during the work process, it will form precipitated substances such as mud, glue, and carbon accumulation, which will easily make the oil tunnel narrowed or even blocked. , Worsening exhaust emissions.


Fuel Injector Cleaner

This product is an advanced technology developing and cleaning formula. It contains high -intensity super concentrated ingredients. It quickly removes glue and carbon accumulation in the fuel injection mouth, intake valve, and other parts.

This product is refined with fuel fuel, which contains high -quality active molecules. It is suitable for all gasoline engines and improves the performance of gasoline.

This product is an advanced cleaning formula, which can reduce noise and reduce exhaust emissions.

Octane Booster

1.It is formulated to stop knocking caused by low octane fuel.

2.Can be used in both leaded and unleaded gasoline.

3.The special additives increase octance and clean fuel system.

4.Does not contain alcohol and is safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

1.It is a preminum performance,fully synthetic,ashless,multi-purpose diesel additive.

2.Provides diesel injector clean up in one tank of ues.

3.Rapid clean up of intake valve deposit.

4.Reduce exhaust emissions caused by the build up of injector and intake valve deposits.

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