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Fuel Injector Cleaners - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

1.It is a preminum performance.fully synthetic,ashless,multi-pyrpose gasoline additive.
2.Provides fuel injector clean up in one tank of use.
3.Rapid clean up of intake valve deposit.
4.Reduce exhaust emissions caused by the build up of injector and intake valve deposits.
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Lidi is a manufacturer & factory that has been around for many years producing injector cleaners. They are constantly improving their cleaning formulas to better remove carbon so the engine can perform as powerfully as it should.

Lidi's Fuel Injector Cleaner will clean your injectors and keep your intake valves free of deposits for smoother idling, more power and better fuel consumption.

Lidi's Fuel Injector Cleaner improves throttle response, fixes rough idle, improves fuel economy, and cures misfires.


Guangzhou Lidi Automobile Supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It is a manufacturer specialized in car care chemicals with more than 16 years experience, holding the brand GL, Shucheyuan, Green Leaf and Chewang. Through unremitting efforts, with the support of Japan Nara Chemical, we now have a professional R & D team, having developed environmental friendly antifreeze, refrigerant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, cleaner and polish spray for automatic and industrial use. We have established a sales and service network in the domestic markets covering various provinces and municipalities, and we also export the products to the Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia, etc.To ensure the quality of the product, we carefully select the materials, strictly control the production processes, to offer satisfactory service. Under the purpose of "professional integrity, customer first"and the philosophy of "hones, pragmatic and innovation", we are on the way to create a bright future with all our new and old customers together.We will try the best to offer you quality and competitive price products. Welcome to join us!


Our Services:

1. OEM & ODM is offered;
2. Private label design;
3. Provide free samples;

4. Manufacturing according to customer's sample&specification.



About Lidi

Professional manufacturer of lubricants, car care products and refrigerant gases with ISO 9001.

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