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Detailed introduction of car care products

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Car maintenance products, very simple, can be understood literally, it is a product for car maintenance and care. Car maintenance products are to cars, just like daily necessities are to people; people have needs for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and cars also have their own maintenance needs.

Guangzhou Lidi Automobile Supplies Co., Ltd. can provide a series of maintenance products for your car.

Carburetor Cleaner

1.Fast cleans carburetor choke,valve,holes,and other components.    

2.Removes the dirt gelatine and char substance from inside and out side of the carburetor.    

3.Also can be used for professional cleaning the machine accssories and in industrial area.    

Dashboard Polish can effctively remove dirt and dust from dashboard,bumper and leanther,ect.    

2.Provides excellent polishing and long lasting shining.    

3.Protects cars from UV rays and ensures body health.    

4.Suitable for car dashboard,wheel,leather chairs,furniture,household,synthetic leather and plastic products.    

Anti Rust Lubricant Spray

1.Infiltrates the areas of rust in a short time.    

2.Eliminates the noise caused by rubbing between spare parts or movable fittings.    

3.Lubricates and protects all kinds of machines, removing humidity and preventing rusting.    

4.Widely used for cars,bicycles,boat,household appliances and industry.    

Pitch Cleaner

1.It can rapidly penetrate,dissolve,and  remove the asphalt,dirt,oil from the surfaces of autimobile,motircycle,alloy wheel frame.    

2.Has excellent decontamination,cleaning and glazing effects,and keeps the syrface bright and shiny.    

Tyre Polish

1.It quickly and thoroughly removes the dirt from the surface of the tire ,preventing the tire from aging ,cracking and fading.     

2.Keeps the tire shine and bright for a long time.     

3.Has no damage to tire cover and other tire components.    

4.Suitable for protecting tire and plastic bumper.    

Foam Cleaner     

1.Harmless to rubber , plastic parts and paint of motors.    

2.Can thoroughly clean any dirt ,remove grease and smudges.    

3.Can be applied to automobiles , tires,office,home furnishing and other internal and external surface ,instrument board,leather,carpet,upholstery,glass,paper,plastic products,wood products,and velvet products.    

Engine Surface Cleaner

1.Has strong penetration,emulsify decomposition,can quickly remove the dirt,grease in the engine surface.    

2.No harm to rubber,plastic parts and painted surface.    

3.can also be used for removing generator,industrial machinery and other objects.    

Air Conditioner Cleaner

1.It can quickly and thoroughly remove the metal powder and oil from the air conditioner system.    

2.Can evaporate completely,keeping the airconditioner system work more smoothly.    

3.Reduces the compressor load,and reduce component wear,to achieve the optimum cooling effect.    

4.Necessary for exchanging compressor.     

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