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Dashboard Polish, glossy and moisturizing to protect leather

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The beauty and maintenance of cars are not just about appearance,

Internality is also very important.

What is Dashboard Polish?

Dashboard polish, also known as dashboard wax, is a maintenance product specifically designed for automotive leather accessories, instruments and other components. It can effectively prevent aging of dashboard and interior components, and has the effects of cleaning, anti-static, and UV protection.

dashboard polish

Do you still have these worries about your beloved car?

Does a beloved car also experience "aging"? Frequently parked in the sun, the interior turns white and loses its luster, and some parts of the interior begin to crack and dust erode the dashboard, making it look very unattractive and greatly reducing comfort.

dashboard polish wax


1. It has cleaning and anti-aging effects on car dashboard, leather accessories, seat cushions, tires, bumpers, etc.

2. It has the functions of decontamination, dust prevention, and surface protection.

3. Suitable for cleaning various types of leather, wooden products, home appliance casings, etc.

GL car dashboard polish spray

Net content: 450ml

Taste: Lemon

Product Introduction:

This product is suitable for polishing and caring for hard surfaces of genuine leather, leather, and plastic products. It is lightweight and easy to use. With just one spray, it can restore the luster of car leather seats, make the dashboard as bright as new, and effectively delay the aging of plastic products. This product also has good lubrication, which can effectively prevent surface roughness of objects and increase their luster. This product is suitable for both automotive and home use.


1. Shake well before use, and try to keep the bottle as vertical as possible, with a tilt angle of less than 30 °

2. Spray evenly at a distance of 15cm~25cm from the surface of the object.

3. Gently press the nozzle and spray a layer back and forth, then apply evenly with a clean soft cloth;

4. When leather seats and instrument panels need to be polished, spray on the surface for a while, then wipe with a clean soft cloth to quickly see a bright effect.


1. Pressure packaging, no impact, and use away from sources of fire;

2. Store in a dry and ventilated environment below 50 ° C, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from sources of fire and heat;

3. Keep out of reach of children;

4. Do not puncture or put the product or used empty cans into the fire;

5. If accidentally touching the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

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