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Carburetor Cleaner Quickly Remove Oil Pollution

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Carburetor Cleaner Quickly Remove Oil Pollution



The throttle is a controllable valve that controls the air to enter the engine. After entering the air pipe into the air, the gas will be mixed with the gasoline to become a combustible mixed gas, thereby burning to form work. Whether the acceleration of the car is flexible and has a lot to do with the dirt of the throttle. Cleaning of the throttle can reduce the fuel consumption and make the engine flexible and vigorous.

Throttle Body Cleaning

The reason for the formation of throttle dirt is mainly from the oil steam, followed by the particles and water in the air, the car environment, the inlet filter element is not filtered well, and the surrounding environment is dusty.

 How long the throttle is dirty depends on the quality of air filtration, the brand, quality of the use of the oil, the condition of the driving section, the temperature of the air, the engine temperature, the driving habits, and other aspects.

 Even if individuals are concerned, it is not possible to use a fixed kilometer to determine the cleaning time of the cleaning gates. The first time the new car was cleaned the most long time, due to the continuous condensation of the oil gas gas in the gap and the air intake tract, the cleaning frequency will be Increasing, and different weather, it will affect the speed of dirty dirt. 

If the throttle is not cleaned, it will cause increased fuel consumption, increased carbon accumulation, and abnormal fluctuations in the idle speed of the vehicle.

GL Carburetor Cleaner Spray


With the requirements of technology development and environmental protection, our company has developed an effective cleaner to clean --the car parts ——Carb & Throttle Body Cleaner .

Car Care Spray Carburetor Cleaner:

(1) Fast cleaning speed, can thoroughly remove metal surface dirt;

(2) Non-corrosive to cleaning parts;

(3) Low cost cleaning agent, environmental protection, mild smell;

(4) The cleaning process does not leave dirt, to achieve a satisfactory cleaning effect;

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