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Can water replace antifreeze coolant?

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Car antifreeze, also known as "antifreeze", the full name should be called car antifreeze coolant.

It is a liquid composed of antifreeze additives and additives to prevent metal corrosion and water. It needs to have anti-freeze, anti-corrosion, thermal conductivity and non-deteriorating properties. Nowadays, ethylene glycol is often used as the main component, and antifreeze with anti-corrosion additives and water is added.


In addition to antifreeze, antifreeze also has the following advantages:

The full name of antifreeze should be called antifreeze coolant, which means coolant with antifreeze function. Antifreeze can prevent the coolant from freezing and bursting the radiator and freezing the engine block or cover during cold winter parking. But to correct a misconception, antifreeze isn't just for winter, it should be used year-round.

01 Anti-corrosion function

Engines and their cooling systems are made of metal, including copper, iron, aluminum, steel, and solder. When these metals come into contact with water at high temperatures, they will corrode and rust over time. The antifreeze not only does not cause corrosion to the engine cooling system, but also has anti-corrosion and rust removal functions.

02 The boiling point of antifreeze is high

The boiling point of water is 100 ℃, and the boiling point of high-quality antifreeze coolant is usually 110 ℃ above zero, so it is more difficult to boil the antifreeze coolant than water in summer.

03 Antifreeze can prevent scale

The biggest headache for drivers when using water as coolant is the scale problem. The scale adheres to the metal surface of the water tank and the water jacket, which makes the heat dissipation effect worse and worse, and it is also difficult to remove. The high-quality antifreeze is made of distilled water and added with anti-scaling additives, which not only does not produce scale, but also has the function of descaling. Of course, if your tank is heavily scaled, it's best to rinse it thoroughly with tank cleaner before adding antifreeze.

A low freezing point cooling liquid prepared by adding antifreeze to the cooling water of a water-cooled engine. When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the use of antifreeze can prevent the cooling system failure and parts burst accident caused by the freezing of cooling water, and also avoid the work of draining water after closing the car and adding water before leaving the car.

04 Replacement period of antifreeze coolant

Speaking of the coolant replacement cycle, ordinary family cars are generally replaced every two years or 40,000 kilometers. Of course, you can decide to replace it according to the actual use situation. After all, it is not a problem to travel 10,000 kilometers or extend the service cycle for one and a half years. But if the car is very strong, it needs to be replaced in advance.

05 How to add antifreeze coolant

When it comes to adding antifreeze coolant, here are some precautions, that is, do not mix antifreeze coolants between different brands and models to avoid the failure of antifreeze coolant due to different chemical compositions.

In other words, when replacing the antifreeze coolant, it is best to choose the same brand and model. If you change to a different brand of antifreeze coolant, it is best to empty the antifreeze coolant inside the engine in advance, and clean all the cooling lines before adding it.

06 The requirements for antifreeze performance are

High boiling point and flash point; high specific heat and conductivity, low viscosity at low temperature, low vapor pressure, not easy to foam; no corrosion of metal parts of cooling system and deterioration of rubber hoses and gaskets.


Can car maintenance water replace antifreeze coolant?

The harm of using water instead of antifreeze coolant is not as serious as the rumors say. If it is for short-term emergency use, it is possible to add water, and it will not damage the thermostat or block the cooling water channel.

Moreover, if it is found that the antifreeze coolant is lower than the minimum value, and there is no antifreeze coolant around to add, you can also add water to temporarily replace it. After all, the reduction of antifreeze coolant is mainly caused by the evaporation of water.

If you haven't changed your antifreeze coolant, start it now, and it's too late to regret it after the engine "boils".

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