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LIDI Carburetor Cleaner Spray For Sale

1.Fast cleans carburetor choke,valve,holes,and other components.
2.Removes the dirt gelatine and char substance from inside and out side of the carburetor.
3.Also can be used for professional cleaning the machine accssories and in industrial area.

  • G1003

  • GL

20ft container:
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1. Good cleaning effect on carbon deposits on various workpieces.

2. Clean the carbon deposits on the catalyst without any adverse effect on the properties of the catalyst.

3. It can be used for cleaning internal combustion engines, compressors and refrigerators without any corrosion to the equipment.

4. Corrosive to rubber.



1. Cleaning

Effectively clean the throttle valve, sludge and other dirt on the surface of various engine parts;

2. Carbon removal

Effectively remove colloid and carbon deposits in the throttle valve, intake port and exhaust gas recirculation system;

3. Penetration

Can be used as a loosening agent;

4. Anti-rust

Like metal surface spraying can prevent rust within a certain period of time;

5. Energy saving

Improve starting performance, improve acceleration, eliminate idling instability, and reduce emissions.

Carb Choke Cleaner 1


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