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GL TF-0870

1.A high - performance product developed to reduce the noise of gear pairs by using modern advanced lubrication technology , new and non - traditional base oil and additive compounding technology .
2.Low sulfur , chlorine-free , zinc-free formula , effectively inhibits wear and reduces pollution and corrosion .
3.Has good extreme pressure abrasion resistance , oxidation stability , shears resistance , corrosion resistance and rust
resistance .
  • G27
  • GL
20ft container:

Transmission oil is the gearbox oil of automobiles, which is an oil product to keep the gear system clean. It can ensure the normal operation of the transmission and prolong the life of the transmission.

what does the transmission oil do

Transmission oil has three functions

The first is heat dissipation. The mutual work between the gears will definitely generate a lot of heat, which requires lubricating oil to dissipate heat. The second is lubrication, which makes the gear combination smoother. The third is cleaning, keeping the gear system clean and extending the life of the transmission.


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Provides exceptional drivetrain protection


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