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GL Rubberized Undercoat(2L)

1.It protects car bottom from stone,sand,rust and corrsion.
2.Has excellent rust resistance,heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
3.Has strong adhesion,elastcity and flexibility,eliminating noise when driving.
4. Environmental friendly,and harmless to the driver and worker.
  • G1031

  • GL

20ft container:
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1)Excellet anti-corrosion under undercoating

2)Perfect stone hit

3) Excellet shockproof

4) Favorable heat insulation fuel-efficient

5) Good sound insulation and  eliminating noise when driving

6) Strong adhesion, elasticity and flexibility

7) Outstanding Save the maintenance cost and care value

8)Environmental friendly, and harmless to the driver and worker.

Application fields:

Undercoating is widely used all kinds of automobile chassis, car girder, bumper, hood, anti-rust sound insulation, car, ship, machinery, and various kinds of metal surface etc...


Clean the chassis                               Dry                     Cover other parts                   Spray


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