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GL Refrigerant Gas R134a

1. It uses high quality raw material .
2. Doesn't contain water and other harmful impurities , and has no damage to the atmospheric ozone layer.
3. Widely used in various automobile air conditioning and car refrigerator .
  • G1032

  • GL

20ft container:



Refrigerant is used in refrigeration and air-conditioning system to transfer heat energy and produce freezing effect. Refrigerant is an intermediate substance in the refrigeration process. It first receives the cooling capacity of the refrigerant to cool down, and then cools other cooled substances. We call the intermediate substance as refrigerant. The refrigerant has the following characteristics:

1. When the refrigerant evaporates at low temperature, its evaporation pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure.

2. The latent heat of evaporation of the refrigerant is large, and a large amount of heat can be absorbed by using less refrigerant.

3. When the critical temperature is high and the condensation temperature of the refrigerant is high, the air or water at room temperature can be used to cool the refrigerant to achieve the effect of condensation and liquefaction.

4. The condensing pressure is low, the refrigerant can be liquefied with a lower pressure, and the compression ratio of the compressor is small, which can save the horsepower of the compressor.

5. The freezing point of the refrigerant should be low, otherwise the refrigerant will freeze in the evaporator and cannot be circulated.

6. The smaller the specific volume of the gaseous refrigerant, the better, the volume of the compressor can be reduced to reduce the cost, and the suction pipe and the exhaust pipe can be piped with smaller refrigerant.

7. The higher the density of the liquid refrigerant, the smaller the liquid pipe can be.

8. It is harmless to the natural environment, does not destroy the ozone layer, and has a low greenhouse effect.



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