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GL Fuel Injector Cleaner

1.It is a preminum performance.fully synthetic,ashless,multi-pyrpose gasoline additive.
2.Provides fuel injector clean up in one tank of use.
3.Rapid clean up of intake valve deposit.
4.Reduce exhaust emissions caused by the build up of injector and intake valve deposits.
  • G41

  • GL

20ft container:
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1.Keep the EFI system smooth;

2.Clean the carbon deposition, glial, sediment, sludge;

3.Save fuel and improve engine power;

4.Anti-rust, anti-corrosion;

5.Prolong the life of caralytic converter.


1. Use along with professional cleaning equipment;

2. For car displacement below 2.0, use one can of this product, if over 2.0, double the dosage;

3. Clean the intake system after every 20,000km.



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