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GL Diesel Fuel Treatment

1.It cleans injectors,disperses moisture,prevents sludge and freezing.
2.Lowers pour point,prohibits rust & corrosion.
3.Replaces lost lubrication to injectors and pumps.
4.Contains no methanol.
  • G44

  • GL

20ft container:
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1.Reduces smoke and emissions

2.Restores power, removes water and saves fuel

3.Meets superior performance levels for diesel injector cleanliness


5.Improves flow during cold weather to reduce fuel filter plugging and fuel gelling while eliminating water

6.Disperses gum and varnish, fights corrosion and retards oxidation


1. Use along with professional cleaning equipment;

2. For car displacement below 2.0, use one can of this product, if over 2.0, double the dosage;

3. Clean the intake system after every 20,000km.



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