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GL Carburetor Choke Cleaner Spray

  • G1038

  • GL/OEM & ODM brands

  • 250ml*24pcs/450ml*12pcs/Customized packaging

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GL Carburetor Choke Cleaner Spray

Carburetor choke cleaner spray are chemicals used to clean the internal parts of car engines.

Carburetor cleaner is a powerful aerosol solvent that dissolves and removes carbon deposits, oil and other dirt from inside your engine. If it is blocked by dirt, it will cause problems such as difficulty in starting the car, unstable idling, and poor acceleration, resulting in reduced fuel economy. Using GL carb & choke cleaner can effectively remove these deposits, restore normal fuel supply, and restore normal engine operation.

carb&choke cleanercarb cleanercar carb cleaner

Carb cleaners are chemicals commonly used in automotive repair and maintenance to help clean and restore engine and carburetor performance.It is suitable for cleaning car parts, removing dirt, etc. It is one of our little assistants in car maintenance.


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