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GL CVT Transmission Oil

• Full synthetic protects against wear.
• Excellent metal-to-metal protection and antishudder performance.
• More shear stable than typical ATFs.
• Excellent torque transfer and superior wet clutch performance.
  • G47

  • GL

20ft container:

Product details:

GL CVT, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology and premium full-synthetic base oil, is designed for most continuously variable transmissions. Its superior technology enables longer transmission life. It is suitable for use in most passenger cars fitted with push belt transmissions. Ensuring peace of mind across a wide range of vehicles.

Enhanced friction durability for a smoother drive for longer transmission life.

Enhanced wear protection for longer transmission life.

Superior high temperature protection to effectively resist oxidation.

Superior variator torque capacity that can prevent belt or chain slippage.

Superior technology enables longer transmission life

Enhanced friction durability for a "smoother for longer" driving experience


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