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GL Brake Fluid - High Temperature Stability for Long-lasting Braking Effectiveness

Our Brake Fluid is suitable for vehicle owners who prioritize safety and want to ensure optimal brake performance. It caters to both individual car owners and professional mechanics who service vehicles.
  • G51

  • GL

  • 500ML*24PCS

Physical State:
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Product Function: 

Brake fluid is a liquid medium that transfers braking pressure in hydraulic brake systems. It is essential for the braking system of vehicles that use hydraulic brakes.

Lidi Brake Fluid has high dry and wet boiling points, ensuring safe braking even after absorbing some moisture over extended use. Its special moisture removal agent helps minimize the formation of vapor bubbles.

car brake fluid 4car brake oil 500mldot 4 500mlcar brake fluid 500ml

Product Advantages:

•High wet and dry boiling points

•Excellent protection against vapor bubble formation

•Low-temperature stability

•Outstanding viscosity-temperature performance

•Excellent elastomer compatibility

•High-level thermal stability throughout the application period

•Mixes and is compatible with high-quality synthetic brake fluids

Frequent Replacement:

Brake fluid should be replaced every two years. It is recommended to replace the brake fluid during regular maintenance and oil changes for your vehicle. Additionally, when your car undergoes major repairs or annual inspections, it is advisable to have an experienced mechanic check and adjust the steering system.


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