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GL Air Conditioner Leak Detector & Repair Agent

1. It contains 134a PAG synthetic compressor oil , has good lubrication effect .
2. Has qualified fluorescent leak detecting agent , can fast and precisely detect the tiny leaking with the help of ultraviolet lamp .
3. The leak repair agent has special activator ,can efficiently lubricate the aging rubber seal ring of A / C system . Has good repairation to / C system.
  • G1063

  • GL

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GL Air Conditioner Leak Detector & Repair Agent is bright in color and can provide accurate leak detection for general environmental protection system models. 

Air Conditioner Leak Detector & Repair Agent can effectively repair minor leaks in air conditioning systems.

GL fluorescent oil contains the highest grade 134a special PAG synthetic refrigeration oil, which has excellent cooling room enhancement and lubrication to eliminate abnormal noise of the compressor. 

In addition, the patented fluorescent leak detector for qualification verification is added, which can grasp the state of the smallest refrigerant leakage under the regular rapid and accurate leak detection of the ultraviolet lamp, and maintain the best air-conditioning quality throughout the year! 

PS: Air Conditioner Leak Detector & Repair Agent is not a panacea, it is only for micro-leakage, and adding 2 bottles at a time is the best!


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