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GL Air Conditioner Cleaner

1. It can quickly and thoroughly remove the metal powder and oil from the air conditioner system .
2. Can evaporate completely , keeping the airconditioner system work more smoothly .
3. Reduces the compressor load , and reduce component wear , to achieve the optimum cooling effect .
4.Necessary for exchanging compressor .
  • G1033

  • GL

20ft container:
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GL Air conditioner cleaner spray 550ml

Disinfects, cleans and protects

Reliable at removing microbes, bacteria and fungi

Effective at stopping unpleasant odours

Prevents allergic reactions that can be triggered by bacteria and other micro-organisms

Extra-long hose with special nozzle for direct application to the air-conditioning unit heat exchanger

Achieves long-term effectiveness by disinfecting and cleaning the "site of infection"

Penetrates thicker, greasy layers of dirt by spraying cleaner liberally

Proven germ killing

100% reduction in number of microbes after just 5 minutes Application time

pH value: 5.0


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