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GL 20w50 Engine Oil

1. It is premium synthetic engine oil , provides super lubrication to av - oid abrasion .
2. Reduces oil consumption and vo - atilization to save maintaining cost .3. Maintains stability and good per - formance of oil film .
4. Super cleaning of oil grease and carbon deposits .
5. Suitable for al gasoline engines which use SG grade engine oil . Recommend for Santana , Jetta ,Chery , BYD , Lifan , Changan , etc .
  • G1087

  • GL

20ft container:
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The engine is the heart of the car. There are many metal surfaces in the engine that are rubbing against each other. These parts move at high speed and in poor environments, and the operating temperature can reach 400°C to 600°C. Under such harsh working conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear of engine parts and prolong the service life.

Synthetic oils are divided into: fully synthetic and semi-synthetic.

Lubricating base oils are mainly divided into two categories: mineral base oils and synthetic base oils. Mineral base oils are widely used and used in a large amount (about 95% or more), but in some applications, products formulated with synthetic base oils must be used.



1. Lubrication: There is rapid relative sliding between the piston and the cylinder, between the main shaft and the bearing bush. To prevent the parts from wearing too quickly, an oil film needs to be established between the two sliding surfaces. The oil film of sufficient thickness separates the surfaces of the parts that are relatively sliding, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing wear.

2. Auxiliary cooling and cooling: The oil itself does not have a cooling effect due to its low specific calorific value and inside the engine. However, heat energy is generated in the engine due to the combustion of fuel. When the engine is working, the oil can bring the heat back to the oil tank and then dissipate it into the air to help the water tank to cool the engine. What really cools is the water (or antifreeze liquid) outside the engine casing.

3. Cleaning and cleaning: Good engine oil can bring the carbide, sludge and wear metal particles on the engine parts back to the oil tank through circulation, and wash the dirt generated on the working surface of the parts through the flow of lubricating oil.

4. Sealed and leak-proof: The oil can form a sealing ring between the piston ring and the piston to reduce the leakage of gas and prevent the entry of external pollutants.

5. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion: The lubricating oil can be absorbed on the surface of the parts to prevent the contact of water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases with the parts.

6. Shock absorption and buffering: When the pressure of the cylinder port of the engine rises sharply, the load on the piston, piston chips, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing is suddenly aggravated. This load is transmitted and lubricated by the bearing, so that the impact load it bears acts as a buffer. .

7. Anti-wear: adding lubricant to the rubbing surface can reduce the friction coefficient, thereby reducing frictional resistance, saving energy consumption and reducing wear: the lubricant between the rubbing surfaces can reduce abrasive wear, surface fatigue, adhesive wear, etc. friction damage caused.


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