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China Anti Rust Lubricant Spray Suppliers Direct Wholesale Rust Remover Spray Penetrating Oil

1.Infiltrates the areas of rust in a short time.
2.Eliminates the noise caused by rubbing between spare parts or movable fittings.
3.Lubricates and protects all kinds of machines, removing humidity and preventing rusting.
4.Widely used for cars,bicycles,boat,household appliances and industry.

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20ft container:
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Anti Rust Lubricant Spray Suppliers Wholesale All Purpose Anti Rust Lubricant Spray 


Quick And Effective -  Fast acting, quickly breaking through damaging corrosion and rust.

Anti-Corrosion Agents - The rust release contains ingredients that lubricate surfaces and inhibit future rust and corrosion.

Special Formula - The industrial penetrating oil seeps into every crack and crevice, loosening the rust and gunk holding your pieces tight.

Multi-Purpose - Not only does our rust breaker spray help you take apart items that are stuck together, it can also be used to make it easier to disassemble machinery and tools and works great as a lubricant. Perfect in many application areas, too.

Simple To Use - Our penetrating oil for rusted bolts is simple to use. Spray the rust release directly on the surfaces that need loosening and let it sit for a minute. Remove it with a dry cloth and it is good to go!



Anti Rust Lubricant Spray, including but not limited to: home, automotive, industrial, marine and other mechanical applications. Applications for this anti-rust spray include:

Nuts & bolts

Shop & industrial equipment

Cables & chains

Door hinges & locks


Automotive doors & latches

Lawn & garden equipment

Metal doors

Equipment storage


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