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Car Gear Oil

1.It reduces wear of the gear,re-duces friction and power loss.
2.Spreads the heat from a cool-ing effect.
3.Prevents corrosion and rust.
4.Reduces noise and impact of vibration.
  • G1027

  • GL

20ft container:
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Car Gear Oil

Gear oil mainly refers to the lubricating oil of transmission and rear axle. Gear oil is mainly used to lubricate gears and bearings, prevent wear and corrosion, and help heat dissipation of gears.

car gear oil


1. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature property. Viscosity is the most basic property of gear oil.

2. Sufficient extreme pressure and wear resistance

3. Good demulsibility

4. Good oxidation stability and thermal stability

5. Good anti foaming property

6. Good rust and corrosion resistance


(1) Lubricate the transmission system, reduce the wear of gears and other moving parts, ensure the normal movement of the transmission system, and extend the service life.

(2) It can reduce friction and transmission loss of gear truss transmission and improve mechanical efficiency.

(3) Cool the transmission parts to ensure their normal operation.

(4) Prevent corrosion and rust.

(5) Reduce tooth surface impact and transmission noise.

(6) The gear oil has the washing function, and can continuously wash away the pollutants and solid particles on the gear surface.


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