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Brake Fluid DOT 3

1.Meets FMVSS 116 DOT3 ,SAEJ1703,ISO4925 standards.
2.Widely used in the hydraulic brake system and clutch system of any senior miniature vehicles,cars,trucks and motorcycles.
3.Good low temperature fluidity and strong resistance to high temperature,assuring the safety of driving in low and high temperature,wet and cold weather.
  • G48

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20ft container:
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1. The freezing point of automobile brake oil is very low, and it has good fluidity at low temperature;

2. The boiling point of automobile brake oil is extremely high, and there will be no air resistance under high temperature conditions.

3. The quality of automobile brake oil changes very little, and it will not cause corrosion of metal and rubber.


The volume of the brake oil will change with the change of temperature, so there is a vent hole on the brake oil reservoir. The air sucked from the hole contains moisture or impurities, and the moisture will be absorbed or dissolved by the brake fluid. As a result, the boiling point of brake fluid containing moisture is lowered. When the car is braked for a long time, the temperature of the braking system rises, and the brake pipeline is prone to air resistance, and the air is compressed, thus causing the braking force to drop or the possibility of braking failure. Therefore, for your driving safety, the brake fluid must be changed regularly.


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