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Atf Auto Transmission Fluid

1.Can be applicable to all automatic gearbox with Dexron ||& ||| sepcifications.
2.Provides high performance under hot and cold climate conditions.
3.Prolongs life of transmission by providing and effective protection against abrasion.
4.Allows easy circulation and effective lubrication at loew temperayure.
5.Its performance is very good at high temperature.
6.Excellent anti-oxidation and resistance to foaming abilities.

  • G47

  • GL

20ft container:
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Performance Features:

  • Reduces friction, heat and wear;

  • Superior high temperature stability;

  • Resists heat, oxidation, acid buildup and varnish.Superior ability to resist the bubble;

  • Improves cold weather shifting.


Automatic transmission oil normal driving conditions once every 120000 kilometers, bad driving conditions changing once every 60000 kilometers.


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