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Antifreeze Types Red Pink Green Orange Yellow Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze Coolant For Car

1.Rich in enhanced high-quality inhibitor,long-term using can prevent the tank from corrosion leakage,and prevent the rubber components from erosion.
2.Can early detect and avoid water leak damage,ensuring driving safety,because of the addition of the new hight-quality fluorescent material.
3.Excellent in antifreeze,anti-boiling,anti-scaling,,allowing the car to maintain healthy operation state.
4.Has highher equilibrium boiling point, no color chaange and deterioration,can last for all year round without changing the fluid.

  • G1037

  • GL/OEM brands

20ft container:
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Antifreeze is a kind of coolant containing special additives, mainly used in liquid-cooled engine cooling system, antifreeze with winter antifreeze, summer anti-boiling, year-round anti-scale, anti-corrosion and other excellent properties.

Chemical composition:

At home and abroad more than 95% of the use of ethylene glycol water-based antifreeze, compared with tap water, ethylene glycol is the most significant feature of antifreeze, and water can not antifreeze. Secondly, ethylene glycol has high boiling point, small volatility, moderate viscosity and small change with temperature, and good thermal stability. Therefore, ethylene glycol antifreeze is an ideal coolant.

Types of antifreeze

Car antifreeze in a large variety of colors, red pink green orange yellow and so on.

There are many kinds of automobile antifreeze, such as calcium chloride (CaCl2) in inorganic matter, methanol (CH3OH) in organic matter, ethanol (C2H5OH, common name alcohol), ethylene glycol (C2H4(OH)2, common name sweet alcohol), glycerol (C3H5(OH)3, The common name for glycerin), lubricating oil, and our daily life common sugar, honey, etc., can be as mother liquor of antifreeze, in adding suitable amount of pure water softening (excluding or a small amount of water containing calcium and magnesium ions, such as distilled water and unpolluted rain, snow, etc., the composition of the total hardness of water quality concentration between 0 to 30 PPM), can be a general sense of antifreeze.


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